June 22, 2016
Renaissance Cleveland Hotel

Cleveland, Ohio


Professional investors designed this unique corporate access event as a cost-effective means for institutional investors and public issuers to engage with each other. Participating public companies will make auditorium style presentations and host prearranged one-on-one and small group meetings.

Ron InsanaThis year’s conference will feature a Keynote Address from CNCB and MSNBC contributor Ron Insana.


June 8, 2016: FREE Registration for Midwest Investment Conference 2016 Extended Through June 20 for CFA Institute Members


The conference is hosted by CFA Society Cleveland, an organization with a strong history of providing institutional investors and leaders of prominent public companies with effective ways to foster mutually beneficial dialogue and develop long-term relationships.

For information about registering your company to present before investors,
or to participate as a sponsor of this event, please call 216.255.6290, or email admin@go2mic.org

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