Renaissance Cleveland Hotel

Cleveland, Ohio


Professional investors designed this unique corporate access event as a cost-effective means for institutional investors and public issuers to engage with each other. Participating public companies will make auditorium style presentations and host prearranged one-on-one and small group meetings.

Ron InsanaThis year’s conference will feature a Keynote Address from CNCB and MSNBC contributor Ron Insana.


FREE Registration for Midwest Investment Conference 2016 Extended Through June 20 for CFA Institute Members


The conference is hosted by CFA Society Cleveland, an organization with a strong history of providing online traders, institutional investors and leaders of prominent public companies with effective ways to foster mutually beneficial dialogue and develop long-term relationships.

For information about registering your company to present before investors,
or to participate as a sponsor of this event, please call 216.255.6290, or email [email protected]

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